We are What we Lost, Pinacoteca Museum, Sao Paulo 2014

An intervention into the collection of Pinacoteca Museum, making use of the symetry of the four stairwells and passageways linking the four sides of the building. An actor carrying a cd player system, oblivious to a group of audience members following him, proceeded three times around the museum architecture, a different route each time, yet always returning to the same statue. On each return he played a different metal/rock song on the loud-speaker system and each time focused on a set of shifting relationships to the sculpture.
Song 1: Jo Satriani, Flying in a Blue Dream; Song 2: Fantomas, The Godfather; Song 3: Frank Zappa, Peaches in Regalia.

This intervention was one of a series of events in dialogue with the collection at Pinacoteca. Each work touched upon questions of historical equivocity, about how life passes and how museums play a role in how we understand both the past, our identity and how we formulate ideas about the future.

Please click here for more info about the wider Curatorial Framework of OuUnPo's session in Brasil.